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What the puppets of the banks said...

The Confederacy: "We want a civil war. We'll make it about... Let's see, who is in the minority here... Blacks!"

Europe: "We want a war in Europe. Who do we persecute? Let's see... Who is in the minority here? The Jews!"

WEF: "We'll create a global war... Who gets the genocide? Let's see... Who is the global minority? White people!"
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Where is the outrage?

So, the truth seems to be getting its boots on before the lies and conspiracy theories, this time. It seems people are realising that the fires started in Ontario, Brazil, California, Maui, etc., were not merely artificially induced, but caused by laser beams from space. Yep. You probably can say this without being called a conspiracy theoriest. Yay. We knew China had directed energy weapons. So, we probably did, too. In fact, our are descended from Reagan's Star Wars initiative, and Trump's Space wars - but, somehow, China is now involved in mapping our terrain before the lasers hit their precises targets, and burn the bejesus out of prime real estate for the NWO. And so-called "your" president is wandering around, remarking how cool it is that the energy weapons are failing to burn up homes - if they have blue roofs. You can even say this, and not be called a conspiracy theorist. Because China and WEF puppet, Joe Biden, who calls himself Irish, wanders around, bumping into things, telling people he's got to fix that "blue" problem, so the beams will destroy EVERY HOME with equal outcome. As if the people in them are NOTHING. Completely expendable. A rare glimpse into the blithering psychopathy of Joe Biden. And where is the outrage? Why aren't these people being stopped?!! All the links below are recommended...

Texas Wild Fires and Directed Energy Weapons

Biden Divulges NWO Secret Weapon

Would-be buyers trying to snap up land burned in Maui wildfires


Meanwhile, Zuckerberg builds his multimillion dollar bunker in Hawaii.

Thursday 14th March 2024.

Don't go down Fannin Street for tis probably still raining and simply the song rattled through my head today as i pitter pattered once more through endless rain drops, Stockport Town Council are going to close a well used road in my village of Woodley. My aim today was to go and have my say in the small civic centre where the villagers has been invited today, to have our say and look at plans, at my visit there were two old men of my generation we had the same mind the same views..the council have already made there mind to close the road we were told, what we were doing to day was simply just picking flowers..there has been no local vote no nothing we are simply wall flowers in the town to spray meaningless words across whilst behind closed doors other rules and words are spoken.
I feel as if England has now become a soft Nazi Germany..the only thing they have not done to us is to force us wear a a star on our collars and gas us. Sometimes i wish we had a touch of the French, the Spanish, in us for if this was Spain or France i believe the people would have rioted by now. I think i need a shower to wash away the days blues and an ice cream to smack around my head...Goodnight.

To All Whom Pass This Way Love And Peace Take Care So Goeth...X
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This woman may seem out-there, to some, but everything she says is true - not small-potatoes propaganda. She speaks with Maria Zeee below. The UN treaty, and/or the two separate WHO Articles - that's THREE pitches - are all extremely serious attempts to grab power and land, by the extremely corrupt criminals and elites behind the WHO - Tedros, Gates, Fauci, Schwab, etc., etc. Even on their own, the billionaires are also buying up land, and investing in death jabs and CBDC controls. It is U.N. NGOs who are helping to usher in millions at our boarder - including Chinese spies and UN soldiers. We really MUST leave the WHO and U.N. ASAP!! RFK Jr. should drop what he's doing and focus in on the WHO / UN EMERGENCY, as long as he has what platform he has, since Trump and others will not touch this. WE NEED TO STOP THESE BASTARDS. Our militaries and politicians are completely beholden to them!!!

NEW VIDEO! - Maria Zeee: UN Blueprint For Forced Smart Cities

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