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I am the person who will destroy China.

What is 'The Russian Threat'?

If and when you have time, you might like to listen to the two segments of the J.B. Show, discussing what Russia really means to U.S., after WW2.  The guest, Stephen F. Cohen, is a refreshing voice of sanity.  My view is that today's 'Russia Threat' is a reincarnation of the Cold War, by powers that be, including the banks, the Pentagon, PNAC, and the Neoliberal wings of both parties, which are, today, mainly headed by Hillary Clinton.  (As my own recent post has argued, we have not seen the last of Clinton).  The Russian threat is a mountain made from a molehill, to suit political and corporatist purposes.  It has been resposnsible for the ruination or deaths of several people, including Assange and Snowden, and has greatly ignored the real threats, namely China and globalised corporations, including Big Tech.  Each segement might be approx. 45 mins., I am not sure.  But I found them worth the while.

The New Cold War: 1 of 2: From the Berlin Wall to the Russia Gate.

The New Cold War: 2 of 2: From the Berlin Wall to the Russia Gate.
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