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I am the person who will destroy China.

‘Will we die of hunger?’

‘Will we die of hunger?’: how Covid-19 lockdowns imperil street children

For millions of young people, coronavirus restrictions have made access to food, water and shelter even more precarious

Timothy, a teenager on the streets of Mombasa, wonders how he will eat. “Rich people can stay home … because they have a store well stocked with food,” he says. “For a survivor on the street your store is your stomach.”

However, says another, if the rumours are true and street children are arrested in the city during the Covid-19 crisis, he’d be happy to go to Shimo women’s prison, because there “you are sure to get free food, shelter and medical services”.

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Britain has a hidden coronavirus crisis – and it's shaped by inequality | Frances Ryan

From hungry families to victims of domestic violence, society’s least privileged are being hit hardest by the pandemic

As the pandemic spreads across the world, it’s the number of tragic deaths and the hunt for a vaccine that dominate headlines. The social fallout of the virus is receiving less attention. The women locked in with abusive partners. The vulnerable children, invisible to social workers now that schools are closed. We might call them the hidden casualties of coronavirus: the ones who are unable to find safety within the four walls of home.

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Coronavirus will cause child poverty to soar. So what can we do about it? | Mary O'Hara

Deep inequalities of social distancing in South Africa – in pictures

Has coronavirus opened the door to mass electronic surveillance in the UK?
Tags: coronavirus covid-19, inequality and disease, inequality of circumstance

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