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I am the person who will destroy China.

Beyond the looking glass...

The OCCUPY movement was, and continues to be, concerned with the growing disparity of wealth between the haves and the have-nots.  It opposes the concentration of capital and control by fewer and fewer, but larger and larger, globalising corporations, and the governments which cater to them.  Included in this category is the concentration of the media into the hands of fewer and fewer corporations.  Noam Chomsky once wrote a missive, "Manufactured Consent," which described how centralising media is becoming more and more capable of manipulating the thought and actions of the general population, such that people will gladly agree to wars which benefit billionaires and corporations, yet deplete the wealth of the country in general.  The danger of centralising, corporate media is that it may be used to support single causes or political parties.  It is quite obvious to me that this is occurring presently.  The fact that it is benefitting the Democratic party should not blind any person in the OCCUPY movement to the reality of the problem.  I, myself, would be raging against this problem were it benefitting the Republicans, rather than the Dems.  More gladly, in fact.  But, it is apparent to me that the media in the USA has been backing Democratic party causes, such as not holding Joe Biden accountable for past corruption or positions, while endlessly berating Donald Trump, to the point of spreading lies against him.  Whereas any slight success of Barack Obama would have been covered on page one of the NYT, for days, the current president's success in brokering peace in the Middle East has garnered slight recognition by that paper, on page A18, which is, frankly, unconscionable.  The TV media follows along, even more dishonestly, which is extremely dangerous, and anti-democratic.  Because I point out these trends does not somehow make me a White Supremacist racist NAZI.  But that is the shaming that is being levied on people who speak up, including many in the OCCUPY movement, who only want fairness in the media, and in politics.  The billionaire who once funded the OCCUPY movement is now funding causes meant to destabilize this country.  Whether this is done via the left or the right, it is wrong and it is tragic.  He also funded the destabilization of Ukraine and other countries.  What is happening here has been tested elsewhere.  Therefore, I advise all to be very careful in supporting destabilization here, in the USA.  That includes not accepting everything that comes over the centralising media, even though it may seem to support your own political views.  I have written more about this subject over at my journal, admittedly poorly, through a migraine, but here it is.  Thank you all for being a part of the continuing ethos of the OCCUPY movement, and keeping an open mind to what is real, rather than what is propagandised. In the spirit of Noam Chomsky - mm101.
Tags: centralisation, chomsky - noam, destabilisation, media, political division / polarisation, politics - divide and conquer, propaganda, soros - george

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