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OCCUPY - Now more than ever!

Many people watch the commercials, hear a few gossip stories, see the eyes talking to them, and they go off and vote for their chosen politicians. Of course, they have heard about corporate money in politics, but it doesn't really mean anything to them. They don't see it up close and personal, in action. They see, they hear, they muse, and then they vote. Maybe a politician made them feel like they are the kind of person who really cares - who deeply feels and frets about the important caring things, like a normal meaningful caring person should.

In fact, they may actually be very uncaring people in real life, so they vote on how they imagine they'd like to see themselves. They choose causes so they can imagine themselves magnanimous and special, when all they really are are creeps. Funny how that discrepancy somewhat mirrors the discrepancies in the speech of lying politicians, e.g., preaching unity and at the same time promising to crack down on all the bad people.

Some people vote for some politicians simply because they are attracted to cognitive dissonance, have grown up in it. That's all they know, and want to know. Which is something very different to progressivism. Real progressivism is a transcendent seeing beyond the self, into new ways of inventing, moving forward, reaching out, making things more positive, not more violent or psychically apoplectic.

Most people do not see all the games and money going on behind the smiling faces on TV. They normally do not see how they have been targetted, manipulated, lied to - all contrived by giant political machinery, fed by millions upon millions upon millions of dollars, from corporations, from billionaires, and from foreign sources, including adversaries, like China. Mainly China. It is completely legal for China to feed million$ of dark money to USA politicians. Perfectly legal and undocumented. This is so because a law was made some time back, making it so. China plays the long game.

I want to remind people that this LJ community is not, and never has been, beholden to the Democratic party. The OCCUPY movement was both anarchic and bipartisan. It may have been weighted more by liberal/progressives, myself included, but it also held thousands - millions - of people who called themselves paleoconservatives, Constitutionalists, classical liberals, libertarians and, what has since been come to be labelled, "alt right." I know this may seem abhorrent to some of you novices who have been weaned from the teat of the corporate media, and the 8-year charade that anything Obama did, albeit for the bankers, was wonderful and anti-racist. Indeed, there have been teabaggers, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Joyce Riley, and many other, "right-wingers," who have perennially fought against rising corporatism, including that which occurred in the Bush 2 administration.

I have long thought it should be possible for these Americans to join forces with progressives - which is what happened for a brief time during the height of OCCUPY - over the long haul. But, divide and conquer is the way of the elites. I have seen any and every possibility of this sort of coalition dissuaded and DEMOLISHED politically. The powers that be want people to go at each others throats, in a left-versus-right paradigm. What they DO NOT WANT is people at the bottom overrunning the bastards at the top. Anything that takes you away from this central concept of the OCCUPY is just shell games and dark money.

The hatchet job they did on Trump. It was framed in left-versus-right, but it happened in order to protect the global corporatist deep-state elites from you ever unseating them. To say that the election was stolen is not an act of White Supremacist insurrection. It is usually a grievance by many people who stood with OCCUPY, against the corporate elites. It must be remembered that the same populist movement that sparked Bernie Sanders also sparked Donald Trump, and so it is always important to remember what these two lunatics have in common - because it came from the bottom up.

George Soros once helped fund the OCCUPY movement. He since went on to fomenting violence in Ukraine, Saint Louis, Portland, and so on, through Antifa and BLM. It is a matter of record that he has funded these organisations. Not a conspiracy theory. These protests and riots, which injured over 2,000 innocent police officers, killed over 100 people, and caused over 2 billion dollars worth of property damage, most in black neighbourhoods or enterprise zones, were not based on facts. They were based on incomplete cellphone videos and a lot of hate mongering, and lies.

There are no stats to back up the claim that there is a police conspiracy to attack minorities. Just not there. Not reality. And this comes from someone who has been railing against the militarisation of the police for years. That's a real problem. But there are no stats to support any racist attack against innocent blacks in particular. None. It has been a fabrication, with a lot of money spent on getting you riled up and hopefully rioting.

Supposedly, the OCCUPY movement died when the whole Michael Brown firestorm erupted, insisting that OCCUPY must put racism before economics. Well, that firestorm was funded by Soros, and imprimatured by Obama. Thereafter, all economic analysis was considered irrelevant, and even racist, because it did not include race.

The same guy who funded OCCUPY was now funding this diversion of anger into race violence. You have to wonder if it was not a game he intended all along - to foment riots in America. Foolish souls that would do his bidding, I say. I think, for OCCUPY to move forward, we have to see what is going on, and divest ourselves of this billionaire.

Look up his profile. This is a Jewish person who worked with NAZIs to rat out other Jews, and send them to their deaths. And he is quoted as saying that that was the best time of his life. This person has a supermanic philosophy of disruptionism, all over the world. He made money on betting on hedge funds, and now he is trying to control the planet, just like, just Bill Gates - and none these people have any expertise in what they are trying to do!

I say, to hell with George Soros, and lets keep the bottom-up attack against the billionaires and globalists going! Let's keep looking at the world as the have-nots being played by the haves - no matter their race. Let us not fall into Balkanisation and identity politics. Let us not fall to divide-and conquer! For every dollar you have, they have millions! They know how to spend it. To disrupt your world. And lead you to vote for the greatest liars who ever supported the status quo. Gag me with a spoon.

This site - this movement - OCCUPY - is by no means beholden to the Democratic party. Alex Jones, a "right-winger", went through the whole Bush 2 administration, criticising and condemning it - along with liberals. The Bush's, the Obama's, the Clintons - they are all part of the same corporatist, globalist cabal, and the sooner you divest yourself of the left-right fallacy, the better.

Now we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, two of the most flagrant liars ever put into office. What we are going to do, in this community, is criticise them. It is evident that they are a part of the same cabal, and we are going to criticize them. It does not mean we are racists, or alt-right, or Republicans, or any damned thing. We are going to criticize them because they favour China, they favour Big Tech, they lie, they demand censorship, they cozy up to power - all of the same things that George Bush 2 did.

We are going to keep rampaging against injustice, and we are not going to let the elites play that away from us. We are the disenfranchised, left and right, and we will hold together and work together to fight the injustice coming down from a handful of fools from the top. That is Soros. That is Adelson (rip). That is Kochs. That is Buffet. That is Clintons. That is Bush's. That is CHINA. That is monopolistic media. That is monopolistic Big Tech. The war on deplatforming and censorship goes on and RAMPS UP. We tired of this crap, left and right, we will fight together to change it.

I think it is clear that dark money from China has been flowing to mainly Democrat candidates, in recent years. We have the Bidens, who have been corrupted by China, which will come out more and more as time goes by. We have Pelosi with a Chinese spy chauffeur for decades. We have Feinstein with some other kind of Chinese spy. We have Mitch McConnell, who's wife helps run THE major China state import company. We have the head of the latest House Trump impeachment hearings, and member of the House Intelligence Committee, who has been sleeping with a Chinese spy.

I mean seriously, you are not real if you do not register this somewhere in your cranium. China has had a policy of politically "decapitating" foreign nations, and then exploiting the f**k out of them. Pretty much looks like what is going on here, with the Dem party, and China Biden. His whole China Cabinet is full of China sympathisers. You can lark about all this now, but what will you think when China is actually bombing or invading this country, fool?

We are not just looking out for corporatists and elites - we are looking for the same things that issue forth from foreign antagonists. Chine is STATISM - it is not communism. China has a symbiotic relationship going on with its corporations, who have edicts to steal intellectual property and personal information. Why not, it's so damned easy?!

FB, AMAZON, MICROSOFT, TWITTER - they are all doing the same thing, and sharing their info with CHINA! Nice to have an Apple iphone, but not at the expense of selling your soul to f**king overlords. Look at what they are doing, now. They are clamping down on anyone who mentions the possibility that the 2020 election might have been stolen - which it probably was - DELETED - NO CONVERSATION ALLOWED - NO INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM ALLOWED.

Just as I said about the Antifa/BLM rioters, they are violent because they are in denial, that they are WRONG. The Biden administration has erected barriors around WDC, maintaining thousands of National Guard troops, signing dozens of executive orders into law... Why? Because they are wrong. Any common person can see through this. I won't even get into the whole Capitol Building riot, which conveniently facilitated all this.

Now, we enter the whole arena of censorship. I need to rest, before I even get into it! OCCUPY fought against the concentration of media corporations into fewer and fewer hands - and it happened. And now, it is censoring the right - but it could just as well have been the left. THE CONCENTRATION OF INTERNET COMPANIES INTO FEWER AND FEWER HANDS. THE CONCENTRATION OF MEDIA INTO FEWER AND FEWER COMPANIES. THE FUNNELLING OF CAMPAIGN MONEY IN GREATER AND GREATER AMOUNTS FROM FEWER AND FEWER SOURCES.

If these things are not what OCCUPY is here to fight, then what are? The increasing divide between the rich and the poor are directly related to these games that concentrated power are playing. Presently, they are using the Democratic party to play these games - as that have used the GOP in the past. There is nothing wrong for calling it, or speaking truth to power, no matter what cloak it might currently be wearing.

Or not wearing, lol.

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