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I am the person who will destroy China.

Woke is a Joke

Remember when OCCUPY was 'woke'?  Remember when the idea was to oppose the great sucking sound of wealth moving up to the top 1%, mainly via corporations - and hedge funds?  Good for that little GameStoppers movement on Wall Street a little while back.  But those micro-capitalist crusaders hardly made a dent in sad reality, as we know it.  My mind reels towards, of course, none other than George Soros, who made his career on first ratting out fellow Jews to the NAZIs, then on destroying corporations, because he is the hedge fund mogul of all hedge fund moguls.

And the interesting thing is that he, and China, now have the Democrats by the balls, and they have learnt to love it.  They have based their entire Woke movement on absolute lies in the media, and now they are backing corporations, like the NBA, Coke, Delta, all because the media is telling them that the Georgia voting bill is Jim Crow all over again.  Such complete bullshit.  No one reads the law, but everyone keeps repeating the talking points that people will be allowed to go thirsty in line, and so on.

In fact, this bill is more progressive than voting rights in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, etc., allowing more drop boxes, more time to vote, easilly available voter ID's, and so on.  When the Dems want everyone to have vaccine passports, including blacks, and yet insist that blacks are too incompetent to get their own voter ID cards, then you know something is up.

Everything is about giving power to the PARTY, whether that means allowing 2 million illegal immigrants, along with drug gangs, to be amnestied - whether it means centralising all election decisions in WDC according to the horrendous HR-1/ SR-1 voting overhaul - whether it means persecuting anything republicans or Trump says or does, with lies - whether it means pumping out endless propaganda through the media, insisting people support wokeness, and corporations which are backed by China, because the media is backed by China, and the Democratic Party is backed by China.  The whole reason they skewered Trump was because he resisted allowing the nation to go global, i.e., become a whore for China.

The whole point of the OCCUPY movement was to prevent the rich, and corporations, and the media, and hedge funds, and politics, and lies and corruption from running our lives, and sapping away our wealth.  Now, democrats are lining up like lemmings to support all this, because it makes them feel warm and fuzzy to be manipulated into thinking that they are woke snowflakes.  It's sad.  I've watched friends be brainwashed into this garbage, giving up their critical thinking abilities, like they have joined a cult.  Ask them to explain their beliefs in detail, and they accuse you of being a racist.  Nobody's racist these days, it's all a witch-hunt.

And, if they want to paint everyone they don't like as being racists, because they don't inflect their voices upwards every three words like Jill Petaki, then if that's what "racist" means - a non-Democrat - then at least "racists" have spine in their convictions, yo.  I'd rather be a so-called "racist" than a cow being lead by the ring in its nose, down uncharted city corridors, into clashes of violence, prepackaged for the evening news.  I really don't know where they get off, defining and misrepresenting everyone else in the country.  There are far more parties than just Democrats.  There are far more ways of looking at the world.  There are far more opportunities for freedom and safety.  But they define everyone by the colour of their skin.  It's disgusting.

Look at all the money they are piping down to the poor, at the moment.  It looks good.  Feels good, right?  What, 7 trillion dollars, thrown onto an economy that is already expanding?  Just watch your wealth evapourate as it did during the hyper-inflation during the Weimar Republic, which preceded the rise of Hitler's war-based nationalism.  And all the young men and women go marching off as honour-mad cannon-fodder, because there are no more jobs at home.  THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE.

Written in 2019: Where ‘woke’ came from and why marketers should think twice before jumping on the social activism bandwagon

PS - I preceded today's woke movement. I was progressive before "progressive" was even powned by the Democrats.
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